Monday, November 5, 2012

wiiknd: season nine of grey's has already been ruined.

no work. 
grey's overload.
homemade winger's salad.
the voice: knockout rounds.
pillow talk.

early morning.
fritters as big as my face.
morning wedding.
heel hell all day.
fancy luncheon.
brookstone chair zone.
city creek.
new boots.
classy reception.
cinco de mayo.
pll discussions.
grey's = ruined. heart = broken.

fall back.
exhausted beyond belief.
starburst snacks.
ogden for dinner.
rib talk.
cory = football. 
brissa = bubble shooter.
early to bed.


Bri said...

love this! going to bed early sounds like a pretty good idea...i'm so tired hah.

kylee said...

grey's. i've been watching the first seasons on netflix. soooo much better than the current season. so so so much better. i can't handle it anymore. but i do, because i can't NOT watch it you know? they should just let this be the last season. mcdreamy is somehow becoming less dreamy (precisely why i had to start with season one where the dreaminess is nearly overwhelming). ruined grey's... are we talking about mcsteamy? pll liars discussion last week, grey's this week. go.