Monday, November 5, 2012

remember, remember the fifth of november.

i wore my black and white striped shirt.
it was 3/4 length with three little buttons on the side.
i wore my dark jeans with my cognac boots.
i hesitated wearing them because of the heel.
khyrie pushed me to wear them.
"if he's not taller than you in those boots,
he doesn't deserve to date you.
wear them."
wise words from a wise woman.

i was writing in my journal
when i heard a knock at my door.
my heart jumped.
i grabbed my grey coat and black purse,
checking my face once more before i left.
everything looked okay.
i answered the door.

initial thoughts:
cute. ginger. good smile. good style. good height.
he handed me a flier from my door.
i took the thing and literally read it.
i didn't realize how long it had been
until he said, "uuhhaare you ready?"

we walked to his car.
he opened the door.
melia and john were in the back.
after we said our, "heeey's" and i buckled up.
we drove to campus, parked and headed in.
i think i walked too far ahead of him.
mom and khyrie always tell me i walk too fast.
we just couldn't get a  good walking rhythm.

we stood in line for the diwali festival and talked.
we sat down and talked some more.
i wish i could remember everything we covered,
but i can't.
it's kind of a blur.
i do remember talking about
fourth grade, arrested development,
the awkward pda couple on the other side of the table,
moustache raj and the horrible emcee's.

he was funny.
like, really funny.
but it was the smart kind of funny.
the kind i had to worry about because if i laughed too much,
he'd think i was one of thooose girls
and drop me like that.
apparently i played it a little too cool because,
according to him,
i rolled my eyes a lot.

but i promise i laughed.
at his jokes, at his wit and his quickness.
it was refreshing.
i can't tell you how proud i felt
when he laughed at my comments.
and when he touched my arm?
the freaking arm touch melted me.

it was nine o'clock and i didn't want it to be over.
we tried to find the lanterns in the sky
but some backseat driving
steered us back to my apartment.

our first doorstep scene
was one of the most awkward ones of my life.
shaky laughs,
awkward silences,
and not a single hug was given.

i thought he hated me.
he thought i hated him.
thank heavens for melia.
if she hadn't told him i was hard to read
or told me he said i was cool,
we might not have happened.

lucky for me he didn't give up.
even after i "didn't move" 
when he came in too hot for that first kiss.
or when i told him i loved 30 rock
and didn't care for college football.
lucky for me he stuck around. 

a year ago today,
i met my favorite person.
a year ago today,
my life changed forever.

screw that vendetta,
november fifth is my day.


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i want to meet my favorite person on the fifth of november! i guess i only have an hour left....and i'm in bed, so....

better luck next year.

Christianna said...

This post made me so happy!

kylee said...

i love your love.

megan danielle said...

such a great post.

Kelly Maloney said...

How awesome to write it down! I hope he reads this, it's perfect.

emilymcb said...

AH! I just realized I never texted you back about Noel. I know, that was the stupidest thing ever. I'm glad you are almost caught up! Also, maybe I'm addicted to GG...

I'm so happy that you and Cory are together forever. I'm so glad I could watch all of this unfold (even seeing the outfit you picked out for your first date). I love you and I'm so glad we're friends.

Skype sesh soon?

Anna said...

Yup, this is awesome.

Alex said...

You're bringin' tears to my eyes girl.

Cara H said...

Um, oh my gosh. Thank you for this. This is amazing and I love the way you wrote it out and I love the way you detailed when you wore and all that. This is amazing. AMAZING I TELL YOU! I LOVE IT!!! Yay for you and Ginger! Also, how long did you date before you got engaged? Just wondering! Dan and I dated three months and were engaged six. What about you guys? I wanna know! xoxoxxo

ayley said...

yes! this makes me wish i had the typical dating experience with adam because moments like this are so beautiful. GAH!!!

this is wonderful. i love it.