Monday, October 29, 2012

wiiknd: we're just going to act like last week never happened.

trunk or treat.
face painting station.
target run.
spiderman + spongebob macaroni.
new girl.
parks and rec.

morning pillow talk.
cinnamon roll breakfast.
football + cleaning.
middle part, resurrected. 
mall rats.
hipster headband. 
harry potter scarf.
cazj + cuddle.
it's always sunny.

meeting cancelled.
"you look like a classy stevie nicks."
baby blessing.
baby sister's birthday dinner.
whispered "i love you's."


Elisha said...

Why does everyone have the best food in the world except me?! My kitchen is empty right now. BOO.
I should stop reading your list.

Anonymous said...

the way you do married life makes me happy. mostly because of spiderman macaroni, letsbehonestnow.

oh girl, but middle part?! somehow i have faith you can rock that hardcore.

Brittany said...

A classy Stevie Nicks? What more could you want?

Girl, you are living the life. I'm totally serious. I love everything about this post.