Tuesday, October 16, 2012

wiiknd: it feels like all we do is watch new girl.

i can only remember watching new girl
and going to bed early[ish].

game day.
hot chocolate to go.
scones in the car.
baby time.
new baby smell.
little baby hands.
little baby cheeks. 
football game.
annoying beaver fans.
let's not talk about it.
jalepeno cheese soup + bread bowls.
hand and foot domination.
new girl.

new girl.
running late.
two-day old curls.
fall drive.
football game + bubble shooter.
new girl.
ice cream?


Mars said...

recipe for the perfect weekend! I'm headed to Utah this week and I can't wait for real fall weather, boots, scarves, and hot chocolate!

Elisha said...

Why would you want to remember anything but new girl?!!?

Alex said...

All we ever do is watch New Girl. It's all gravy.

Sara said...

We built this Shmidtty on tootsie roooollllls!

kylee said...

prank sinatra.

Kari said...

so this is a perfect list. especially the jalapeno cheese soup and new girl.

carla thorup said...

because nothing is more important than new girl (at least in the spectating department.)

we were at the Y game, were you? i thought the beaver fans were great in their hot orange wigs and their sass... but we were watching from a distance.

Bri said...

the hubs and i are loving new girl over here too. it's just that good :)

Ashley said...

"Get outta here you sky rats! Go back to hell where you belong!!!!"



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