Friday, October 12, 2012

gold was in the air.

i spent my saturday 
hugging a boy,
kissing his face, 
and laughing at his jokes.

all of this took place in front of canyon runners, 
booty-short wearing serenadees, and puppies.
i didn't even care.
we're so good at pda
it might as well be our job.


maggeygrace said...

um CONGRATS. this is gorgeous. i'll hand it to you... i've secretly always wanted a fall wedding and just look at how stinkin' gorgeous this picture is! i love. the happiness is just too much in this picture ;) also thanks for your comments! i've been busy and i'm only now catching up- any friend of kylee's is a friend of mine ;)

Alissa said...

I went out to eat last night and there was an older couple in the booth next to me...they were sitting on the same side and making out the whole time.

It was disgusting.

Your picture? Not disgusting at all.

Elisha said...

You sure your not modeling in a magazine??

Jessica Wray said...

sometimes pda is just so gratifying! Is that un-p.c. to say? Nahh

Happy Friday!

kandice said...

why are you guys so gorgeous?! i love it.

Alex said...


Mars said...

Oh you guys are so cute! I fully support pda (within reason). Love your wedding hair!

McKenzie King said...

adorable i tell you!

Kari said...

Oh, you two. So perfect and lovely all the time!

Cara H said...

More wedding pictures asap, please and thanks.

Bri said...

you two are stunning! congratulations :)