Tuesday, September 18, 2012

wiiknd: "make me breakfast while i watch football...!"

no work means sleeping in.
maple pumpkin candles.
den = clean + organized.
mama time.
dinner and a seinfeld.
life aquatic.
floor cuddles and conversation.
"you look pretty in the glow of the tv."
pillow talk.

waffles and eggs.
breakfast and football.
state fair = prime people watching.
funnel caaaaaake.
the holy war. 
stupid fans rushing three times.
let's not talk about it.

holy war hangover.
"maybe you shouldn't check facebook today..."
heavenly cupcakes.
mama's birthday dinner.
family = flow free addicts.

1 comment:

kylee said...

seinfeld, fair, football, flow free. you always have the best weekends.