Tuesday, September 18, 2012

and by "want to watch" i mean it's all i ever watch.

all i ever want to watch these days are...

pretty little liars*.
anything directed by wes anderson.
anything directed by ben affleck.

it's great.

*i just finished all the pll that was on netflix.
needz moar liarz.

please feel free to engage in any pretty little liars discussion. 
cory doesn't want to understand
and just laughs at my increased paranoia since starting the show. 
i SWEAR a is real and totally in my apartment sometimes. 


kylee said...

remind me how season (is it two on netflix?) ends so i fangirl with you without spoiling what i know already. let's just start the blogging pll fan club, screw book clubs, we'll just eat food and talk about A.

Kaleena J. said...

haha i've never watched pretty little liars... but now i'm intrigued.

and seinfeld is HILARIOUS.

thanks for such a sincere comment on my blog, it really meant a lot :)

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

K you will LOVE Revenge if you love pretty little liars. I started pretty little liars, but someone suggest Revenge and I finished Revenge season one in like 48 hours. Amazing, but maybe you have already seen it?!

Ashley said...

I;m with Kylee, PLL club needs to happen like yesterday. Is it just me or do you totally get freaked out at the end of every episode when it's just A fidgeting with everything. Oh and Fritz and Aria I'm obsessed!!!

Hilary said...

Parks and Recreation and Raising Hope are calling your name. Do it. I dare you. You will love it, no adore it.

Dearest Lou said...

I need a new show to watch totally starting season 1 of pretty little liars haha (:

Alex said...

Craig's sister looks like one of the girls on PLL but I don't watch so I don't know which she is. I just know she looks like her.

I'm of no use in this conversation.

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

YES!! PLL is my favotire and I totally got my husband hooked which might be one of my favorite accomplishments ever!! However I now have to wait for it to come onto Netflix because we missed the beginning of this season and that is one show that you just can't miss one episode!!

Sara said...

UHHHH Trey will NOT engage in a convo with me about pol, and i am obsessed, paranoid, and I don't even know. Let's talk about the time I had a cold and had fever dreams all night about A and I was friends with the pol...and I literally could not tell the difference between the show and reality. HAHA.