Thursday, January 5, 2012

holiday list.

reception hopping like whoa.
christmas village.
hazelnut hot chocolate.
the epic gingerbread house fail of 2011.
eerie indiana.
cheating caught on camera.
thermos + tea = happiness.
christmas breakfast at five in the evening.
sports games.
sparkle vs. shiny: the great debate. 
meatball subs.
s'mores at the dinner table.
salty chicken.
broiled failures.
best buy.
rocks thrown at windows.
the muppets. 
praying for snow. 

please note/be impressed 
that the majority of the items on this list
are food-related.
trust me when i say
the break was filled with more than one foodgasm. 


Dree said...

Loving your list! I'm having a foodgasm just reading your list! I love that you included flannel, it's a must!

Kari said...

I may have staged a gummy bear lighting a gingerbread house on fire... I was angry. Your break sounds incredibly lovely, and foodgasm is my new favorite word now.

ellie said...

Were you in INDIANA? THAT'S MY CASA!!!

Ashley said...

okay the muppets please tell me you loved it as much as i did! so so good! hazelnut hot chocolate whaaa?! YUM!!I need some of that in my life asap! i loveeee flannel and not just on me, cute boys yeah i love it on them too! hehe... s'more's for dinner? yup, i'm def okay with that too! =)

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Cheating caught on camera, huh? Hope you weren't the culprit!

Ashley said...


whatevergatsby said...

UGH MUPPETS MOVIE. i really just feel like i am never going to get rid of my jason segel fever, ever. it's a raging fever.