Friday, January 6, 2012

during christmas break my heart was taken. iHope liam neeson doesn't try to find it.

if you keep scrolling, you will find at least 137 pictures of my face.
well, my face made better by apple.

background information: 
when i go to best buy, 
i don't look at merchandise.
i play beatles rockband or party on the macs.

i went to best buy twice over the break.
since they didn't have rockband,
 i decided to mac it out.
consider this your second warning...

as with most of my macbook sessions,
this one started out pretty tame with andy warhol pop art
and the azn symbol for peace.
i decided to turn up the spice a few notches 
so i turned into an alien, recovered from a concussion,
and became a disgusted giant.
then i discovered the frog-eye.
this, dear children, is the very function that stole my heart.
keeping with tradition,
i ended my mac-out session with the classic "gangster" picture 
and a sister,sister/parent trap moment.
the only reason i want need a mac is for photobooth.
i'm not joking.
this is the real deal.

iMac + brissa


memory said...

I wish that man knew what was going on behind him (:

McKenzie King said...

once you go mac, you'll never go back.

am i attempting to rhyme about a computer?

but seriously, it's the best thing that could ever happen to you.

kylee said...

frog eye wins.

Diana Smith said...

haha I have a mac and I rarely use the photobooth but you made this look way too much fun that I should really think about using it. haha

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Haha, I love photobooth! The best part is that it even lets you do video in weird settings.

And I love how you can make anything look gross in that mirror screen. Seriously, if you just film your hands you can create the most disgusting looking sea-monster-type-things;) And then you can film it haha, I have a few very embarrassing clips from my holiday in France...

I am Megan said...

hahahaha, that is soooo crazy!

Haylee said...

hahaha yes, this is the most awesome thing ever. Definitely have to go with the third to last one being my favorite. That ones a gem.

Crystle said...

Hahah! These rule. You rule.