Tuesday, January 17, 2012

attn: drea

you are the coolest person ever.
my dream of being a cartoon
has finally become reality.
i feel flattered and in awe.
i can't even believe this happened.
you are my soul sister.

for those of you reading this public love note memo
who aren't named drea 
and have no idea what i'm talking about, 
please feel free to 


Natasha Louise said...

SO JEALOUS, that looks awesome!!! I made a whole comic series with me in it, hahaha... but it's made by me, so it doesn't count.

Andrea Hatch said...

Maybe we need to write a big comic about all the cool blogger girls in the world.

It would be a wild tale.
Think on it, my friends. Think on it.

We could be famous.
And rich.

Or maybe we could just have a comic about us being famous, rich, and having unicorns.

Good enough for me.

Shaylynn;) said...

Epic. That is so fun.

Anonymous said...

haha, checked it out. Cool :)

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

That's awesome. Are those squirrels in your hands?

Kelli Anderson said...

ay em ay zee eye en gee.