Monday, January 16, 2012

confession session.

when i was fifteen i had a forbidden love.
i liked a boy and he liked me.
we danced in parks,
talked on the phone until three in the morning,
and went on illegal dates.
i thought he was so cool.
most of these cool points came from the fact
he was one of the first people i knew with an email 
not connected to
what a dreamboat. emailed me songs 
nearly everyday that summer.
my fifteen-year-old heart melted.
he was so hip and cool and dreamy.
hotmail has since deleted my all my saved emails
but one song remains locked in my brain.
one song that will always remind me of and that summer of secret love.
according to him,
i was the uptown girl
and he the downtown man.
after watching this video more times than i'd care to admit,
i can confidently say i'm grateful youtube didn't exist during our illicit affair.
if he sent me this link instead of the song,
i might have been more creeped than knee-weakened.
because, let's be honest,
how awkward is billy in this?
and don't even get me started on the choreography 
and half-tee shirts. 
there are somethings better left alone.


Kandice said...

i looooove half t-shirts.

just one of those things, brissa.
my future son WILL own a half-tee just like my brothers had in the 90's. and a mullet.

real dreams. told to anyone who will listen.

Alexandria said...

This is amazing haha :) You're my favorite person. And GO WATCH MY VLOG kthnxbye.

Shannon said...

We must meet someday! I had a forbidden email love too! Friendship please!

McKenzie King said...

this is fantastic. it brought memories of my first love flooding into my head. josh clawson. pure bliss i tell you.

beth said...


Kelli Anderson said...

so perfect. i love this story so much.

Natasha Louise said...

HAHA, loved this story, but I wanna know what happened to

Sierra ShaneĆ” said...

bahahha I. Love. This. I too had illegal 15-year-old romances. We were so bad. haha

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

LOL! High school crushes crack me up! I definitely had my fair share of illegal romances!


Ashley said...

hehehe...awwww so romantic, especially with a name like

Indeed, steak does rock.

Ashley said...

hahaha, girl i seriously watched this video way more times than i should have!! I couldn't help it! This is waaaay to cute!! sigh...can't sleep, can't eat, secret forbidden love...ooh to be 15 again!!!