Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i'm still gone.
 i'll be back soon.
pinky swear.
but i just had to post this as soon as i saw it.
consider it a reward for your patience.
ez sew phuknee

props to caityjones for g+'ing this bad boy.

time to go put my invisibility cloak back on.
see you in a minute*

*apparently that's a "thing" now and people all over
are saying "minute" instead of giving an actual time frame.

aww man, i lived in l.a. for like a minute. yea booooi.
 in this case, "a minute" really means three years.

ohmigash. you can tootes go out with him!!
we only dated for like a minute a few years ago.
go for it giiiiiiiirl!
get some.
in this case, "a minute" means, five years and i'm still in love with him
you back stabbing beezy how dare you even think it's okay to go out with him.

i don't get it.


ellie said...

oh my goodness, that was flippin' hilarious!!! oh gosh. still catching my breath. whew. just a sec. **several minutes pass** My mom always says "see you later" when she ends a phone call. We could be discussing how I am traveling for work for a week and still "see you later". I could say that I'm headed to Mars and we will never talk again, and I'd get "see you later". And yes it is "see" instead of "talk to" which is confusing enough on its own.

kelli case anderson said...

coooooome baaaaack foooooor gooooooooood! i need more half and half! i am the obnoxious fan that makes you never want to blog again but really. i will forever love your blog and feel that it is a must read.

Alexandria said...

Dear God I miss you.

Krystal said...

come back for a littel bit more often! that vid is hilarious..

Christianna said...

Hahahahahaha, this vid made me laugh so hard! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait till you are back from your vaca! But I hope it's been restful so far?!

Anna said...

Hahahaha! (that is all there is to say)

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

ahaahhaa that was awesome! I think it sums up a lot of people opinion about the movie. hahaha

Anonymous said...

girl, you're being a tease! making my heart go pitter patter then leaving me again?! i'm simply beside myself. come back soon plz.

kylee said...

brissaaaaa you cannot tease us like this. i need you & your blog posts back asap. i need to go cry for a minute - that's how much i miss you.

Carrie Ann said...

Ok, that may have been the funniest thing i've ever seen. It was amazing.

also, i don't get the minute thing either. I just heard about it right now. when i read this. but it sounds weird.

Sasha said...

OH NOOOO! I come back and you are gone... this makes me sad :( I understand your reasons, though. Internet + Life = Craziness! Still, I'll be sitting at my computer, awaiting your return in a non-creepy way. Yes.

Also, FUNNIEST VIDEO EVER! This is why you need to come back. So I can laugh more :P

Anna said...


Ashley said...

i miss you.

Kandice said...

miss you, brissa. i've been waiting patiently, i promise. but my patience is wearing thin and i'm about to explode.

thought i'd pop over and let you know so you can make the [right for me] decision to come back. haha

srsly though. come back. or say hello and tell us how you've married some millionare (but are totally in love, don't get me wrong - i know you're no gold digger) and have three adorable children and live on some land in italy and all you do is be.. well.. cool and stuff.

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

PS this is how my husband really feels about Twilight and when I showed it to him he thought it was hilarious!! I am not a twilight fan.

Also I think you need to go and watch the video I posted on Saturday.... I think you will enjoy it. The title of the post is called "Party Safe"

Dearest Lou said...

This video made my day!

So funny hahah

Haylee said...

hahahaha oh my gosh. That just made my WEEK.
Why does your blog have to be so freaking amazing by the way? I seriously can't visit it without laughing my head off.