Friday, September 2, 2011

party over here {woot woot!}

i tricked you.
there is no party over here.
just me. in my cubicle. eating craisins.
das wassup.

with my afternoon class cancelled,
i'm able to go home earlier than planned.
aka: high noon.
best start to a three day weekend ever.
i hope you enjoy your weekend
and keep rocking the whites
after labor day,
because you're not in the navy
and you can. 

oh, and just a quick question,
is there a reason for this?
i mean....reaaaally?!


Ashley said...

you did trick me...let's START the party!

Alexandria said...

Keep living the dream girlfran :)

kelli case anderson said...

stop it you're joking. that's hilarious!

heather said...

i just love your enthusiasm for everything! :)

Becca and Derek said...

You can't trick me with an awesome photo like that. Classic.

Krystal said...

that truck is HILARIOUS.

Roxxy Cambridge said...

Listen, whoever thought that extended vehicle was a good idea was definitely evolved from a completely different monkey. There's no shared DNA with that guy.

Hilary Mae said...

That is beyond odd. What the heck is it?

whatevergatsby said...

girrrrrl, there IS a reason for that extra junk in the literal trunk. that's where da after party is going to be, after you get so crunk off of craisin drank, obvs. i mean, let's be logical now.

mandyface said...

Dang morms.