Thursday, September 1, 2011


wednesday's are big for me.
class from eight to noon,
work from one to four-thirty,
and class from five to seven-thirty.

i hate how war paint and perfume
fade during the day and aren't constantly fresh.
granted, i am riding my bike everywhere,
but still,
i'd rather not look like a haggard hobo by five o'clock.
i keep telling myself  it's just this heat
and it'll be better once fall has settled.
i really hope i'm right. 

my evening class yesterday was photojournalism.
my current feelings toward the class are:
+manual whaaa?
+i want to go to there
that was an excited scream, i promise. 

i'm crossing my fingers that my mom's camera 
will be good enough to use.
i'd rather not have to check out the crapcams
from the newsroom.
 i just looked at a few picture takers online.
?!?!?!what the what?!?!?!
those things are pricey!
it's times like these
i wish i hadn't chopped down that money tree during my
 "let's chop down trees for fun just like georgie" phase.
is it me, 
or does homeboy look like a man baby in this picture?


Christi Lynn said...

good luck with school! i just started to and so far i can totally relate to your feelings. and manbaby? heck yeah.

my pinterest username is itsmechristibee.

thanks for being a sweetheart.

Ashley said...

Are you a journalism major? Cause I was :)

haha...war paint.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

well he sure does have big hands…

I'm always so 'manual whaa- '

and that never changes-
now I'm taking the monkeys for things going what badge- fill what forms, get what signed?!?!

I need an assistant

Kallie Anna said...

i want/NEED a fancy picture taker too! i'm dying to get my paws on one, unfortunately i'm broke. :(

dana @ wonder forest said...

photojournalism would be a fun class for sure!
xo dana

Anonymous said...

best friend status: confirmed. as soon as i saw your thought process on your photojournalism class (TOTES JEAL) i figured we should just become official now. hope you don't mind.

and giiiiiirl, we are so living the same life! mondays and wednesdays are school 8-1 and then i work 1-30 to ten! ay carumba! but that cash tree is going to be so lush, for the both of us. i know it. xoxoxox