Tuesday, August 9, 2011

clearly the "c" in c-ville stands for classy.

the night before the wedding, 
i helped my dad set up for rotary.
as we rolled out giant tables and arranged the blue tablecloths,
i told him i felt legit.
there's something about being inside city hall after hours
that makes a person feel straight up gangster.
this time has been locked in my brain as my favorite set up session.
there's nothing i love more
than one-on-one chats with my papa.
except maybe discovering how the city promotes water week.
can someone please explain 
how we get cell phones and hamburgers 
from a fountain of water?

this wreath was my personal favorite.
proudly hanging on an employee's office door
seven months after the holiday season has passed.
because nothing says,
"merry christmas" or "peace on earth"
like shot gun shells and camoflague. 


Kym said...

legit indeed. haha!!! and whatever that fountain is, i want it. does money come out of it too?

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Uh, c-ville like Charlottesville? Because if so, that's wicked awesome and totally where my in-laws live...

Joy said...

i want that wreath to re-gift at christmas. and i too am curious about the water-cell-phone connection.

great post.

Hilary Mae said...

My dads in Rotary too.
How cool.
I always have to help too.
I feel your pain.

Alexandria said...

I'm gonna need a fountain that spouts burgers right about...now.

Katie said...

haha I love this.

Anna said...

I know these people that made these things and designed these posters. Ha.

Anonymous said...

girl, you aren't just a gangster, you're a straight up BALLER.

Ashley said...

HAHAHAHA. They are totally "gunning" for peace on earth :D

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

hahahahah the wreath!!! That is amazing! And the sign... water kills cell phones! What silly heads!!! ahahaha

mandyface said...

This ones goin out to my girl Brissa...nobody puts baby in a corner!
{To the tune of O'Christmas Tree}

O' Remington Bow Rifle
I love to pair thee with my
Camoflauging hunting boots
when I want to make squirrels die.

And then on my wreath my shells shall go
Red and green because ya know

O'Remington Bow Rifle
You're perfect for my cousin-wife.

kelli case anderson said...

i love this post, so much. i love centerville.