Monday, August 8, 2011

saturday facts.

colorful* eggs are the breakfast of champions.
never call mom on her cell phone. call dad and he will connect you to her. 
nothing beats a clean room and fresh air.
i don't think i was supposed to be this in love with tim riggins.

with a little persuasion, a ride and the promise of ice cream, 
i am willing to relocate my night in. 
mcflurry's + movie = instant headache cure.
next time, try the rollo.
jack and elisa were right, mcflurry's are perfecto.

having an inside-scoop is pure gold. 
"what a tool!!" 
pretending to kick a car was not as fulfilling as i'd hoped it would be.
note to self: next time, kick the car.

due date was hilarious. 
i can't believe it took me so long to see it.
"dad, you were like a father to me."
ethan tremblay.
"i have glaucoma." 

apparently i look qualified to be handing out pot roast advice.
i blame june cleaver for giving men 
unrealistic expectations about my pot roasting skillz.

and finally,
i will take all future headshot advice from this man.
with shots this good, 
how could i not?

*colorful = green peppers, onions, tomatoes, eggs. 
i like to call them mexican eggs  because other than the yellow, 
those colors make up the mexican flag.  
put those suckers in a bean blankie and you're good to go. 


Kandice said...

i love due date :) in fact, i should watch it again

'cause i'm sitting here racking my brain for favorite lines to put in this comment and i can't think of any.

have you seen zach's (i'll pretend we're on a first name basis since i'd rather not google his last name for exact spelling) stand up? it's just amazing.
we netflixed it.

speaking of that and in lieu of that post where you asked for suggestions, flight of the conchords is a must-see. 2 seasons you'll wish never ended.

unless you've seen them already?

Kandice said...

whyyy do you have to go to school and get all busy? why can't you just be a stay at home mom like me?
we'll be so happy together. you can have a boy. he and natalie will be destined for each other and then once they're married, you can return to your schooling and busy life :/ k?

haha but really. how bout YOU think of something and the day and all that. i keep getting ditched ;P

OHHHH! pressure's on.

Ashley said...

Let's have a head shot photoshoot please :)

We can add glitter and stars and hearts. HA.

Also, next time I will kick the car with you :) :)

Sara Louise said...

Nothing can beat a clean room, or even better, a clean house with open windows :-)
And I'm totally in love with Tim Riggins too!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

That movie was hilarious. I think I laughed every line he spoke. EVERY LINE.

McKenzie King said...

i just about wet myself looking at that picture. due date...CLASSIC.

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

hahahah I loved this!!! Seriously the only thing I will ever eat from McDonald's is a McFlurry.... hmmmm so good! Jack n the Box has the best shakes EVER!!!! Hmmm love them!

I loved Due Date too! Seriously he is hilarious!

I like this post you are too funny Brissa!!!