Wednesday, June 8, 2011

party animal.

monday night i played the cowbell
in an addam's family theme song revival band.
and shed a tear when i couldn't go to seven peaks 
for free the next day because of a group meeting. 

tuesday night i sat in a chair in the basement 
of la biblioteca until 11:11 doing homework
and taking a ridiculous amount of pictures.
only to go home and continue studying until two.

wednesday night i will tell myself 
to take a break and enjoy a tall glass
of simply lemonade and eat some strawberries
while watching psych. 

thursday night i will sit in a dark theatre
watching the campus version of anne frank
while taking notes for the write-up i have to do.

friday night i will most likely
lock myself up in the library and work on
my abstract for a ten-page ethnography
and study for my comms 351 final both due on monday.


Drea said...

I don't know what happened to Past, Present, & Future post, but it was delicious.





jessie said...

.... byu?

Ashley said...

Needs more cowbell!