Tuesday, June 7, 2011

you're the best kind of wannabe i've ever seen

last night my friends came in from the city
with a craving for happy sumo.
confession: "the city" =  salt lake, which isn't that far.
and technically, i live in a city, i just wanted to sound fancy... 
sooo we went. 
unfortunately everything in this "city" closes ridiculously early 
and when we arrived at 9:33 we were turned away
for missing the 9:30 closing time.
heart broken, we left stupid sushi.
{cue miracle}
in the middle of my tears, 
i heard the most magical of songs.
the sexy sax man song.
i turned in hopes of seeing
sergio flores in the flesh.
my eyes searched high and low
but they did not find a half naked man with a mullet
and glorious saxy stache.
instead, i saw a high school boy with a saxaphone
strapped 'round his neck playing and thrusting at a group of girls
eventually singling one out and  thrust-playing for only her.
it was amazing.

thank you sexy sax man impersonator,
because of you
my faith in the future of this generation
has been restored.

viva le sax!


Ashley said...

HAHAHAHA. I had never seen that video before. That is SO great.

Kandice said...

i love this one. i just do.
one, because we almost went to happy sumo last night too but, instead, chose another sushi place
and two,
because of the entire end of this post. we watch that video alllll thhheeee tiiimmmeee (seemingly, before each trip to the grocery store and then find ourselves dramatically humming it throughout the aisles)

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

love it-

Drea said...

Because everyone closes so early and sushi is ridiculously expensive, I eat Harmon's sushi.


Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

hahaha you're hilarious.
I'm sad you missed the sushi in "the city"
I LOVE Happy Sumo :)

Krystal said...

mark plays the sax and it is hot :)

jessie said...

i also call it "the big city."
i rarely say salt lake.

Anna said...

OH MY GOLLY! That sax man is my hero!

Ashley said...

I'm glad you unfroze our friendship :) Sax man is way better than nickelback!