Wednesday, June 8, 2011

pipe dreamz.

when i was a wee lass {around eight or so}
i wanted to form a band with my sister and my best friend.
khyrie had these very round, very blue sunglasses.
they made her resemble an ecuadorian john lennon
she would make up the past.
i had a pink or green pair of bigger, square shades.
because i knew the fashion trends, 
but mostly because i wanted to dress like zenon,
i would make up the future.
and since my friend wasn't there when i had this brilliant idea,
and i couldn't remember what type of sunglasses she owned, 
would make up the present. 
{mostly because neither khyrie or myself wanted the boring costumes}

and so,
past, present and future 
was born.
it was the greatest band that ever lived.
and by lived i mean existed in my brain.
because in my brain we got famous and i wore
copious amounts of silver and spandex.

reasons we never made it big:
i don't think khyrie was 100% on board.
i didn't have access to brightly colored spandex or silver pants.
i'm pretty sure my friend didn't even own a pair of sunglasses. 


Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

pretty sure I could get you silver spandex pants, I most definitely have some. Maybe you're band can make a come back and make it large, eh?

kelli christine case said...

pretty sure i still have notebooks of song lyrics that should have been number one radio hits, if only there was youtube back then..usher for sure would've seen. we were the glamour girls. we would've gone big because one of us was black and had a fro, there was one red head and one blonde. our parents just didn't support us financially like our musical talent demanded. and how about the long forgotten murder/mystery video we shot in my friend's motorhome? adam sandler was going to be the star. WTF? hahahaha.

Ashley said...

this is so cute :) And a GREAT band name.

Kallie Anna said...

this post makes me laugh because my cousin and i would do the same thing. we also thought we were mary-kate and ashley.