Monday, June 13, 2011


once upon a time i went to idaho.
while there, we had a little photo shoot.
mostly because my siblings have perfect faces
and i tend to get annoying when mom allows me to play with her camera.
oh, and consider this your official warning.
prepare for an image overload.
it's kind of disgusting how photogenic he is. 
pondering the meaning of life in front of a brown canal
because she's cool like that. 
the boxcar was my favorite part of the farm.
her legs are lit'rally a mile long.
we know. we measured. 
here we see james talking with the cool kids {aka: parents},
as they plan a trip which excludes any and all children. 
sometimes after an intense game of tag with little children,
and a deathly round of duck-duck-goose, 
a cracker likes to nap. 
every time i see this picture i start singing
oh edisonchen0904, you slay me. 
i wish there was a way i could steal her hair
and put it on my head.
unfortunately, i do not believe in scalping family members. 
aaaaand this is when i start to get annoying. 
i believe they call this payback.
things to note.
1. james has a ridiculous obsession with the "zoom" button. 
2. i feel like this picture makes my ears look elfish. 
i would just like to take the time to let you know my ears are normal 
and curve where they're supposed to.


beth said...

you do look like an elf. don't believe her people. she looks like that in real life too. it's something you have to get used to.

Hilary Mae said...

That boxcar reminds me of The Boxcar Children. I want to go in it. And your ears may be semi elfish but I have the same problems with photographs, no worries.

Crystle said...

NOBODY in my family is photogenic, our family photos are terrible.

Glad that there are photo friendly people somewhere out there!

Jamie Porter said...

I hate that you think I'm photogenic and I'm not.

Lissa Chandler said...

i love the braid! mine are never, ever that clean.

Kandice said...

i want that braid in my hair.