Sunday, June 12, 2011

fake ink.

you have to be an actual death eater in order to summon the dark lord.
drawing your own tattoo and putting a pseudo wand to your arm 
doesn't work.  
pity, because i really wanted to fight him on potter street. 
go go gryffindor!!


Kate said...

Haha, you can buy dark mark transfer tattoos if you hunt around on etsy! I love them xo.

Hilary Mae said...

Oh my god. My friend and I did this but did not have the Potter St. Thats awesome! Already have my ticket :)

jessie said...

what the heck potter street?
that's so cool.
on memorial day i saw a big headstone that said potter on it. it looked just like the one from the movie. i kind of had a pottermania moment.

Alison said...

Maybe he was too ashamed to go to Potter St., so your dark mark actually DID work - he just didn't come.

I'm sure that was it.

kylee said...

potter street? what the coolest street ever.

Ayley said...

i did not see that tattoo yesterday. what the??

i TOLD you it was awesome!!

lauren said...

where in the world is this? are you going to take me there in august?

Ashley said...

hey harry potter freak :D

Your outfit is adorable!

Cecilia Warner said...

haha you would ;P
thanks for the comment brissa aren't you guys doing finals right now? mine aren't til next week >:{ but we should do something once i don't have so many credits yeahyeah? you are looking pretty tan yourself. i've gotten pretty dark my boyfriend and i went to seven peaks last weekend and i look full hispanic!

Jamie Porter said...

You are welcoming for taking the coolest picture. EVER.

ha ha <3 the dark mark. Midnight showing? Deal.

Be one with the Fro said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA this is hilarious!

I can't wait for the movie.

Carrie Ann said...