Tuesday, May 31, 2011

good x a billion

my trip north was lovely.
i got to spend some much needed time with my family.
after dropping g-unit off with her sister,
i commandeered the front seat and put my ipod on blast.
jamie, ash and i spit like karmin and sang it with cee lo.
ash and i belted some adele,
 daddy joined me in singing along with dawn
and jamie and i finished the session with a little bob.
daddy took us to texas roadhouse for dinner.
their rolls are like manna from above.
i would have never thought to get anything other than steak, 
but mama and i both got salads
 and were pleasantly surprised by their deliciousness.
we finished the night off by watching dual survival
and alternating between killing stupid zombie[s] 
and battling it out on scrabble.
the next morning,
 sass had me do her hair before we headed out.
{i don't think my obsession with braids will ever stop}.
on the drive to pick up flowers for grandpa's grave,
ash and i introduced jamie to ni-ni and miss ultimate sexy baby.
it was so good to see our idaho family
and visit grandpa's grave. 
after our traditional cemetery visit and freeze out
{idaho's winds are beyond bitter and the cut like little knives},
we headed to aunt beth's for lunch.
jamie, ash and i stole borrowed mama's camera 
for a hipster photo shoot and explored the farm.
note to self:  get photos from mom's camera and upload them.
after back-to-back games of tag and duck-duck-goose
with some of the cutest children ever, 
i went for a stroll by the canal, climbed a potato cellar,
checked out a pile of old tires, breathed fresh air,
walked along the edge of growing potatoes,
thought, dreamed and smiled.
as much i say i despise idaho
for it's lack of excitement and bitter cold,
it's truly a beautiful place where anyone can find peace.


Drea said...

Texas Roadhouse = Delish
Zombie Slaying = Noble Line of Work

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

sounds like fun- I could eat a roll or two right now!

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

adele = love
and your hair is absolutely amazing.

PS this is my second time reading THG... figured I better re-read before the movie comes out!

Sasha said...

Love the braided bun! I wish my hair could actually hold something like that...blerg. Sounds like a fun trip :)

Hilary Mae said...

That train picture might be my favorite ever...its awesome. Glad you had fun and I want a roll.

Kathrine said...

Agree on Adele! She rocks!

..YOU did that braid? Gorgeous....and *sigh*....
Seems you had a lovely trip....these are the best times, with loved ones! :)
About Blogger, yep, followers are back...thank goodness!

wilybrunette said...

i can't get over braids either. you did a lovely job on your sister's hair!

Brittany said...

Okay fab weekend. And hello most beautiful hair ever?

Also, do you know a Spencer Craven? I think I saw that you wrote on his FB wall...

Becca and Derek said...



The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Sounds wonderful! And like everyone else, I think you are so good at doing hair!!! I second the call for a tutorial on how to do it :)

Morgan said...

Sound great! Also a tute for the hair do is a must!

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Ashley said...

♥ this post :)

Adele and Bob. Oh my GOSH I would love to be on this roadtrip!!! :)

P.S. Love the hair.

Caitlin said...

lovely photos, lovely writing, lovely hair... lots of loveliness. Where's the lovely dog to go with it? I think she and albus could be friends and I would never tell her our little secret :)

Krystal said...

that sounds like a pretty magnificent time!