Monday, April 18, 2011

gettin paperrrr

i have a new goal in life.
yes, i realize i say that a lot
but this time it's real.
i will learn to spit verse like this before i die.
preferably before the end of this summer.

i knooooow right?


Nicole. :) said...

omggggggoodness!! i loooooove this!!

bettybite said...

seriously my best friend just posted this on her facebook! that girl is completely bad ass. and her hair!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. this was amazing. if you learned to do this I would be suuper jealous.
mind if i steal it for facebook?!

Anna said...

Hahahah I just downloaded this song last night. SHE IS SO AWESOME.

Sarabeth; said...

yeah. this is probably my favorite in the whole world. (: that was SWEET! (:

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

I love that "straight up gangster" is one of your labels. I saw that...and I followed. :)

kylee said...

freak. i lost my breath just listening to her. that girl wins the cool kid award.

Diana Smith said...

wow that is freaking cool!

Kandice said...


so sean and i went and checked out more videos of hers. obviously.

and i like her rapping more than her singing but ANWAY the point is she has a tutorial for a mohawk without chopping off all your hair. it's a series of buns, i don't know, maybe you've seen it.

well. i'm going to do it. 'cause cool kids.... i mean women.... have mohawks. and then i'll take a picture and show you. obviously again.

lauren said...

I would just like you to know that I cannot watch the original version of this song (chris brown if you totally forgot) without thinking of her, and how she totally schooled them. She makes them look like fools. Anyways, I will await your video inspired by this.

Hilary Mae said...

This is freaking fantastic. Its my new life goal too. The end of the summer, we can post our videos of it in August! lol

mary elizabeth said...

this is life changing. i want to BE her!

Ani said...

wow!!! thanks for sharing, this totally made me want to learn how to spit verse like this too!!! now again... i've been saying that since i was 13, I'm 26 now so haven't really succeeded!!! But a girl can dream!! Love your blog.

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