Tuesday, April 19, 2011

golden pipes.

i am obsessed with this song.
the video makes it even better.
honest to goodness it's one of the best videos i've ever seen.
it's simple but evokes so much emotion.

how 'bout that dancer in that room full of baby powder?
at least that's what i imagine it is.
i'm still on that baby kick.

aaaaand if you can't get enough of this song,
check out this video of her studio footage.
it's equally addicting and {i think} makes the song sadder.

oh, and fyi.
youtuberepeat.com is the new best thing
that ever happened to you.
take everything after the / of the video you want to watch:
and it will repeat it until you say
"stop! no more! i can't handle the meowsomeness*!"

*anyone else see that ellen where she coined that bad boy?
well i did, and don't worry, i've been using it.
like woah.


lauren said...

youtube repeat sux unless you have a short video

Kari said...

i am so in love with this. i don't know how i haven't run into the song before now. thanks for converting me!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Ah! Me too. I sit in my car to finish it out if I park halfway through. Even if I'm running late.

I love her take on To Make You Feel My Love.


Kandice said...

yay! i found a kneaders companion who doubles as a blogger companionista. see what i did there.

you probably already know that that's spanish for companion.... ;P

LET'S GO! and let's listen to arcade fire. sooooooooooooooooooon.

Natasha Louise said...

YES adele! My sister won't stop singing her songs!

Meredith said...

um yes. love it. love her. she's seriously my fave. that song, her voice, the words; it's all SO good!

ps said...

love her and this song


Elisha(: said...