Wednesday, April 20, 2011


so close to being done.
so close i can taste it.
i will be school free four whole days until
i start up again next tuesday.
dad: oh! when'd you get leid?
brissa: what?! how did you know?! did you read my twitter?
{please don't ask why i got so nervous. it was weird enough having my dad ask when i got "leid"}
saturday night after the blog party,
beth, jess, dan, craigory and i trekked up to heber
for the "most delicious raspberry shakes ever."
shakes aside, the best part of the trip was this little gem.


Indigo said...

these photos are really cool. loving your blog xx

Natasha Louise said...

Hey you, mmm raspberry shakes, I have never had one but they sound delicious.. maybe one day.. in reply to your comment, yes you told me you loved my layout, your too sweet for saying it twice ;)

beth said...

really? in quotation marks? it IS the best raspberry shake ever.

i love heber

Courtney B said...

Hubs would LOVE to have that license plate..haha!
You are so so cute! Happy I stumbled onto your blog :)