Sunday, April 17, 2011

pardon the repetition but...

saturday was aaaawesome.
bethie and i went to liz and diana's blog party.
i fiiiinally got to meet kylee.
i'm pretty sure i was awkward when i first saw her
but we just hugged it out and it was all good.
i am so, so, soooo happy cecilia  walked up to me and said hello.
when i saw her and kandice  walk in 
{ask beth, ashley and kylee}
i freaked out. 
"ohmygosh! i read about them and
 i want to talk to them but i don't know hoooow!"
yeah, pretty sure i said that at least a thousand times that night.
but then we chatted and i fell in love.
and for those of you wondering,
yes, cecilia and her hair are just as gorgeous in person as they are on her blog,
kandice is cuter and funnier than i could have imagined
{and her baby!!!! oh that natalie is beautiful!}
and kylee is even more hilarious and awesome in person. 

highlights of the evening:
"i'm so glad you all have personalities." - kandice
kandice telling me she thought i was in high school
and that she and cecilia both thought i was a punk-ish zumiez workin gangsta.

three cheers for blog friends becoming real friends.

oooooh and thanks to kylee and kandice for taking pictures that i could steal and post.

{kelli, this party haaas to happen now}


Kandice said...

i'm so glad you think natalie is funny. i think so too but no one really SEES it like you and i


this post is way better than mine will be. what with your highlights :)

Kandice said...

wait you changed it! hahaha now my comment doesn't make sense. girl, you know your blog is my home page now!! i'm gunna catch stuff like that. hahahah

alright, seriously, i keep commenting you and creepin' so maybe i'll stop now and try a little harder not to wear out my welcome ;P

bettybite said...

wow a blog party... how interesting to meet the faces behind the words. I don't know too many people around me that blog. but thats amazing you got to meet your fellow bloggers.

all of you look so beautiful!

Juhee said...

aweee i want a blog party sooo much!

Jen said...

It was so great meeting all of you girls. Can't wait for the next one! =)

AllyM said...

um. your blog is adorable! I'm now a follower:) That is so crazy that you're friends with Adam and you read my blog. I actually just met him this week--he knew a friend of mine and came to Vegas with us. Small world!


Ana from Sweet Serendipity Design said...

I agree it was so fun seeing you at the party. Can't wait for the next one, but for now I'll just blog stalk you alright ;) ha ha

smashley said...

blog parties ---> friends in real life.
i'm so glad we are stalking buddies now.
and we must party again soon.

Cecilia Warner said...

awe what a sweet post brissa. i love it. i still need to blog about the blog party once i get around to it :P we will need to exchange numbers sometime and chill since we live so dang close. do you live in student housing?

Ashley said...

I was so bummed I didn't make it! Your blog is totally darling though, unique and refreshing! love it. ok, I stumbled upon your blog thanks to c&c and I am liking it a bunch! can't wait to read more ;)