Wednesday, April 20, 2011

attn: bruno mars

it's official.
we are soul mates.

allow me to explain our fated love with an outline:
1. we each enjoy making entertaining videos with our friends
2. you seem to be just as obsessed with hip thrusting as i am
3. we're both good at hip thrust dancing
4. we both look delicious in flannel and stunna shades
5. our children would be adorable. 

on second thought...
maybe we should just stick with the
"you make music/i sing and dance along"
relationship we've got going. 
i think it's for the best. 

i am ashamed to admit that as a bruno lover
 i hadn't seen this bad boy until nicole posted it.   
so moochaz grassyass lady.


Nicole. :) said...

I need an ape mask.

Alexandria said...

That video is the bomb dot com. Totally makes the song that much better. And he's easy on the eyes. Little Hawaiian stunnah.

beth said...

hahaha. i'm so glad i had the exact same thoughts as you when i saw this video. and i saw this post AFTER i wrote on fb. brain waaaaaves.

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...


Kandice said...

translation: are you going to bruno mars on the thirtieth?
ahhhh go buy tickets! we're going; it's at UVU

Kandice said...

......of may i should add

Kandice said...

if you've been noticing that you are now getting a million page views a day it is because i keep coming onto your blog and watching this video and karmin. now you know.

Madi said...

I might be on skype with my sister going through all of your posts together and we are just peeing our pants.

I got free tickets to see him a couple of weeks ago and ohhhh boy. Let me tell you this,

He hip thrusted sooooo many times it was beautiful. srsly.