Friday, April 15, 2011

tres textual?

frazier: rockband + la tigre = more addicting than the most addicting drug ever!
ashley: i thought i was being followed. turned out to be my hood...
caity: ooooo sexy shilaty! help him!! do whatever he wants!
aaron: some say wrestlers make bad lubers. they save themselves for the ring.
ashley: i just got done dissecting a squid!!!!
matt: just wanted to send a latin girl a shout out, holla! ha ha.
andy: skankatron. lol.
frazier: i'm a little rusty on the kesha lyrics. do i need to freshen up before the shindig?
ashley: i don't like to go fast. {about driving...not boys}
colin: i can live a normal life with 4 fingers right?
ashley: i average 100 texts a day.
matt: would you date a boy with a mullet?
rob: needs...moar...oc!
nick: your gonna die!!!!
colin: are you the same brissa porter that's a famous byu journalist?
ashley: is it weird to think that i think that bobby flay is strangely attractive? that's why khyrie said.
brett: really seven minutes in heaven?!? i need some of that! what's your girl to boy ratio?
mike: i really want to know who the female cock block is.
frazier: it's like every drug addiction mixed with the oc! it's heavy
ashley: i can touch my toes!
samuel: sometimes i feel like church is designed to be miserable
chase: i hate your life too :(
andy: lolol. we should party tomorrow.
ashley: sad fact. i sent 4000 texts in a month. A MONTH
caity: let's go to mexico and woo the locals with our expert language skills.
matt: debate this, captain america or superman? who would win in a fight?
ashley: dad just called himself a tool.
aaron: haha god gave you skin use it. your ancestors would be ashamed.
matt: hey sugar what it is chief?
colin: is it still hot like a robot our your way?
ashley: watching one tree hill with mommy is the best!
sam: as long as you cut yourself here while we are playing monopoly, that is fine.
christian: gtl waits for no one...
ashley: are you watching the bachelor?!
melia: gossip girl here.

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