Friday, April 15, 2011

solemn pledge.

today i pledge to ignore school.
i promise not to open a book or look at my schedule.
i will not stress about finals or projects.
i refuse to study and let the day pass.

instead, i will clean my room.
i will sift through my belongings and begin packing.
i will make my bed and catch up on my thursday shows.
i will open my window and blast my music while the sun streams in.
i will paint my nails red and curl my hair for a party.
i will watch dead poet's society while eating string cheese. 
and then i think i'll listen to some fotc*.

today is mine and i'm taking it forever.

*i just fell even more in love with them.
 i mean, did you SEE their paper doll-esque feature on their site?

1 comment:

beth said...

you forgot
"i will finish the note to bethie"

yes...i just referred to myself as bethie.