Tuesday, April 19, 2011


remember how i said i was a ninja?
get ready for part two.
i just put on lotion
aaall up my legs at work
and no one saw.
and we're not talking knees and down people.
we're talking ankles all they way up to the undaroo line. 

too bad.
i had to share my victory with someone.
lucky you.
wicka whhhat?!


beth said...

thank you?

Kandice said...

that's my girl. ninja-ing it once again.

so the mohawk is pretty awesome and you SHOULD do it. i believe it took me a half hour {and, personally, it looks a bunch like an up-do or something but if you KNOW what it is i'm goin' for then it's that much more awesome. when ya do it, SHOW ME.

also. i feel weird asking for some reason but.... hmmmm
wait, let me put it this way... let's exchange digits.

wilybrunette said...

ha, ha! this is nothing short of brilliant.

Kelli Shea said...

Gee, that is impressive!

Ninja - fo sho.

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

I need to learn these skills. My thighs are neglected.