Thursday, April 7, 2011

today i'm tired.
even though i slept i feel like i'm running on empty.
i have too much to do
and not enough time to do it.
all i want to do is sleep for three days.
but i can't.
at least not until finals are over
and i get my life back.
on a sidenote: i am very proud of the fact that i 
put on my war-paint* in my cubicle at work 
without anyone walking past/noticing.
here's my secret: i'm a ninja.

*make-up. for obvious reasons. 


Brittany said...

I always just want to do my makeup at work when no one is there to see me. You're great. Good luck with finals!

Anonymous said...

finals are so super stressful. has anyone ever told you you have lovely eyes?!

Bon Bon said...

A beautiful ninja you are:-) xoxo

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

You are so beautiful! I love the way you do your makeup. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth