Friday, April 22, 2011


here is why being home roxors my boxors*
clean laundry.
delicious food.
disney channel.
"stealing" candy from grandma.
shopping dates with kay.
belting adele with sass.
chats with momma.
acting for papanua.
listening to jamie talk stocks.
reading the latest nat geo.
a dishwasher that actually works.
cleaning and organizing.
aaah yes, this is the life. 

*please note i do not wear boxers. 


Mary said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that still enjoys the Disney channel. My brothers never stop making fun of me for it.

SimplyHeather said...

^^^^ I get made fun of for my enjoying Disney too haha. I love Disney channel. I love the shows, the movies, the word. Disney world is amazing. I love being home too!

Kandice said...

haha what?! just saw 'care to go robot hunting?' for the first time :)

anyway, i'd love to hang out with you. like right now. at 2:01 in the morning. or, you know, some other time. BUT {and in regard to your recent comments} we need to actually do it.

so since yo finals are done... you know... let's ??

oh and... i've been over-thinking over here about the fact that natalie would probably have to join us. i hope that's not a deterrent of some kind. let me know! {haha seriously i even talked to cecilia tonight about if she'd hang with someone who had a kid who tagged along.... i don't know}

also, i had a chick friend once who wore boxers. just sayin'

AllyM said...

clean laundry and good food are pretty much awesome after being in college. love that you're enjoying your time at home!

Blace said...

Ah! I love this. Going home is cool and is something that I seem to do way too infrequently (even though it's just across town).

A Beer for the Shower said...

Functioning dishwasher is a godsend. Damn these dishpan hands...

Natasha Louise said...


Natasha Louise said...

errrm I meant disney... you knew that.. haha

Piril Maria said...

A great post. Loved it.


Becca said...

there's no place like home, even when we grow up and have homes of our own it's still so nice to go back to Mom's...<3

Kaleena J. said...

disney channel watchers... UNITE!!

Harley said...

Ummm... I really like you blog.

And being home freaking ROCKs.
I would have to agree.


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

I second the delicious food comment. Mmmm MM!

Anonymous said...

DISNEY CHANNEL LOVE!! does this mean I'm not a old head loser who still likes kid shows?!?! or just that there are more of us... either way...yay! I love nick though too! icarly is the best of all humor!! SEDDIE!!! :)

Happy Kathy said...

chats with momma....oooo I loooove them!!!And disney channel rocks!!!xexe
I just found you...Happy Kisseeeees from Greece!!!

Andrea said...

Sooo jealous of your Disney Channel. I don't get to watch it unless I'm at my parent's either. I needs me some DCOM!