Thursday, April 21, 2011

it'll all be worth it when you reach 1:16.

i am torn.
so so torn.
i can't decide if this is adorable or horrifying.

team adorable
it's a baby singing "baby."
he knows what the words mean and when to break it down.
he knows all the words.

team horrifying
it's a baby singing "baby."
he knows what the words mean and when to break it down.
he knows all the words.

on a side note, i'm done with finals.


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Haha, the teams are so close yet so far. I'm on team horrifying for the reasons listed. But on team adorable because it's great for kids to be musically inclined. :)

carlee ellen said...

aaahahahahahah i peed a little. i agree though, its adorable and all too terrifying at the same time. and i LOVE justin bieber!

Nicole. :) said...

i'm gonna go adorable. it's easy to assume that his mother / father / siblings listen to justin bieber a lot. i'm a nanny, and the 2 year old knows all the words to ''forget you'' (glee version, obvs..) because i rock out to it everywhere we go! kids are smarter than we give them credit for! plus, if he was singing michael jackson or elvis it would be automatically adorable. the only reason you're even considering that it's horrifying is because it is the biebs!!

Cecilia Warner said...

hahha i think its cute. congrats on being done with finals you are so lucky!

taryn and taylor said...

just found your blog. consider yourself stocked :)

haha this kid IS my hero.

Natasha Louise said...

label - death to beiber fever! hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa LOVE IT your so funny Brissa, plus woot woot for you being done with finals x

katrina said...

bahahahha i looveee this.

so i was creepin and saw your address for kelli's wedding and i am pretty sure you are in my M.I.L.s ward. she is pretty precious. say hello to sister jensen if you see her at church. (that is, if you go to that ward) hahahaha

also, when jeff gets home from work our conversation often goes like this-

katrina: hey babe how was work?
jeff: good, did you see brissa's blog?

hahaha we kind of love your blog.

Kari said...

video equals hilarious.
thinking about the gravity of the situation and the future of this poor, poor child equals barf.

Brooke Leigh said...

hahahhahaha this is perfect

Candace Stevenson said...

SO cute! oh my gosh. I love that vid :)

enter my GIVEAWAY ay-sap!♥

Lauren said...

haha you always have the funniest videos!
and "i love your love"? is the best comment i have ever heard.