Tuesday, April 26, 2011

and how!

 once upon a time, i went home for four days
and had a party in the davis county.
wicka whhhhat.
don't believe me? 
feast your eyeballs.
 mami is obsessed con su "leche de soya."
it's a murky gray/brown and gives me the creeps.
 this is officially my favorite skirt/shirt combo.
seat belt not included. 
jamie and i went to iggy's for some cobb salad goodness.
i told myself next time i go, i'm ordering these.
 sass made me wake up at 6 am on my last day of break to curl her hair.
good thing i love my cracker. 
i found this baby at target and almost bought it when i said to myself,
"no, brissa! no! you and beth are going to be crafty this summer.
put the necklace down and walk away."
i found this shirt while shopping with khyrie.
it's discovery made my love for forever xxi grow tenfold.
oh, i love home. 


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Beautiful necklace. Screw crafting...you should have bought it. Crafting always ends up on the back burner. At least for me it does.

Anonymous said...

don't give in the to corporate craftlike product trend conspiracy! put it down and walk away. they are trying to deartistisize us! WE SHALL OVERCOME!!

Kandice said...

brissssssa! oh how i've missed you. for it's been ten days since we first met and my poor heart shatters with each new day when i don't have the grand pleasure of seeing your darling face.

but i hope you had a really good easter and break from school and fun doing tons of cool things without me.. like finding i heart jesus shirts and eating yuuuummy cobb salads at iggy's.

ps. natalie's been asking about you

Natasha Louise said...

it looks like you had so much fun!!!!! I love the necklace, the curly hair, the seatbelt.. lol cute outfit! and I love Jesus too, woo high five!

Ashley said...

love its! that bracelet shot looked like cleav for sec, then I realized what it was ;)

Cecilia Warner said...

you don't like soy milk?! you are crazy! haha. i'm glad you had a fun time visiting home. i want the i love jesus shirt {hoodie?} i found one at forever 21 a few months ago on the clearance rack but it was too small }:

beth said...

so....my mom makes these things called chicken balls....and they are seriously my favorite thing she makes. they aren't fried though. but they are still delicious. and i always call them chicken rolls when i'm around other people because i don't want to call them chicken balls. and i'll make them sometime. cause they are easy and delish!!!

Anonymous said...

quasi cleavage and chicken balls in one post?!?! oh the humanity....