Tuesday, March 22, 2011

brown on brown.

i love/hate it when my friends have get some dreams for me.
hate it because...
a. it's a dream and not real life
b. it's not my dream.
love it because...
a. i get freaked out texts from a scarred bethie
b. it makes her feel uncomfortable when i talk about my skillz.
c. her saying,  "it was GROSS. i really don't ever want to see you make out. 
even in a dream," was one of the best texts of the day.


beth said...

I have a few comments about this post.

1. I don't get the brown on brown. I thought he was white
2. Please look at the name on the screen shot. Promise BROKEN.
3. I don't know if I will get over that promise being broken
4. You may have to do something special for me to make up for the broken promise
5. It's still gross
6. You know it would be awkward
7. Start thinking of make up ideas

beth said...

bahahahaha i'm so glad we cleared this incident up :)