Tuesday, February 8, 2011

rodents on roids.

yesterday was a blustery day. 
it was snraining and the wind blew my hair in such a way that made me feel famous.
it was in my face so i had to pull my curls back so i could cross the street.
maybe i just felt cool because the clock in my class was an hour fast
and my teacher didn't notice.
so he let us out of class an hour early and i booked it out of there like a bandit.
it was glorious. 
i also felt famous because one of my articles ran today
and my friend isaac told me he liked my writing and
derek texted me to tell me he read my article.
first provo, then the world!!
i also discovered that windy weather makes me look like a chipmunk on crack.
yeah buddy. 

1 comment:

beth said...

sorry i'm such a bad roommate because that was the first article i read. (and because i didn't see it til you posted it...) but i loved it!