Tuesday, February 8, 2011

do the dino dance.

we played scattergories at fhe.
our group had the best responses.
here are a few examples:

[letter = o]
tools: o.j. simpson
[letter = e]
things in a medicine cabinet: ecstasy
weapons: elastic bands
[letter = m]
things that are black: men
[letter = w]
body part: weenis
foreign food: wienerschnitzel
things you yell:  whore

i guess some of those answers were too spicy for some people to handle.
i got way too many appalled/disapproving looks for yelling whore.
it's like they've never seen mean girls.

in between sessions i got bored and drew on myself.
left ankle.
{i've been doodling dinosaurs a lot lately. hello, new obsession.}
right ankle.
{roboto by bethanie.}
we're thinking about going professional.


beth said...

we're already pro. sorry my robot looks so weird though

Cassie said...

one time for the things that are black the letter was a and I put african americans. It was awesome, plus I got 2 points :)

p.s. oj simpson made me laugh out loud.