Friday, February 11, 2011

my brain has a "shut down" button i don't know about.

yesterday as i was walking down the hill from class to work i fell.
i don't know how it happened.
i didn't trip or anything.
i just...collapsed.
and i'm not talking a "whoopsie! i seem to have fallen" fall.
i'm talking about a full on fall.
my glasses came off. 
my watch came undone.
my phone fell to the asphalt with my mom continuing our conversation.
i felt like moses because the sea of people walking around me parted.
a few kids asked me if i was okay.
i mumbled a "yeah i'm fine" while keeping my eyes to the ground.
i was so tired and tempted to just lay down on the hill and take a nap.
i decided this would result in my being trampled to death by those eager
zoobs trying so hard to make it to class on time and began collecting my things. 
i was just about to get up and i noticed this young man just waiting by my side.
what the what?
he waited until i was fully up and attempted to make eye contact as he said
"are you okay?"
i gave him a strange look that said 
"did you really just wait for me to stand all the way up to ask me that question?"
and said "yes i am thank you."
then i walked to work.
both of my knees are bruised and i have a slight scrape on my right elbow.
i told beth and she freaked out.
apparently collapsing isn't a good thing.
she asked me if my body was okay and all i could say was
"yeah, it was just my points that got hurt."

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