Tuesday, January 18, 2011

thoughts on:

okay, after that last post, 
i couldn't NOT keep my 2011 opinions to myself.

 {stupid youchoob denied my embed request}

  1. what was the point of the "some people say i look like me dad" beginning?
  2. the hair.
  3. hello random puppy...
  4. what is with all that denim?
  5. that is the saddest excuse for a tree house ever. they clearly needed my vision. 
  6. baggy pants make me want to puke.
  7. that boy was a lot hotter when i was in fourth grade.
  8. are they witches?
  9. again with the green screen. what did the 90's do to us?!
  10. anyone care to learn that dance? i think i've almost got it down.
  11. are they all going after the boy dressed in yellow and khakis?
  12. are they irish?!
  13. sidenote: has anyone ever wondered why people with different accents don't have their accents when they sing?
  14. definitely irish. the river-dancing just started.
  15. why are two of the girls wearing the same "star in a circle" shirt? 
  16. running shoes with jeans. gag.me.now.
  17. anyone else remember this video popping up on that girls room in smart house?
    {skip to 8:04 for a flashback}

you're welcome.
gossip girl.  brissa.

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Sasha said...

Oh my lord.... the 90's -_- I'm really glad I was a little kid and not a teenager in those years.