Tuesday, January 18, 2011

if only, if only

last night we were watching fashion police.
it reignited my obsession with celebrities and their fancy parties and clothes.
it's secretly my dream to attend one of these award shows before i die.

she is a classic beauty. 
she looks age appropriate without feeling the need to be hoochie. 
her hair, makeup, nail polish, jewelry, clutch.
everything worked.
homegirl looks ammmmazing in this dress.
the shoulders, the color, the texture, her hair.
ay caramba.
let it be known i detest this woman.
i am team jen all the way.
but there is not denying angelina looks incredible.
emerald is in people.
did you guys know my bff emma is a natural blonde?
i'm still getting used to it 
but i think she can pull off both looks. 
i love the peach color, just not the way it sort of matches her skin.  

and is it just me, 
but did anyone else notice more sleeves and less cleave this time around?
let's hope hollywood is rewinding to their classy days 
and leaving the trampy era behind. 


emilymcb said...

I kind of really loved Catherine Zeta-Jones's dress. And I have to say that I loved more dresses this time around than I think I ever have before. Classy ladies.

lauren said...

I saw these pics of emma stone and seriously did not know it was her. Crazy! I like her red hair though.