Tuesday, January 18, 2011

boom-boom-clap [shootmeintheface] boom-dee-clap-dee-clap

i have had the unpleasant opportunity
of waking up to radio disney for the past few days.
please note:
i did not realize my radio was set to this station.
i keep forgetting to change it.

day one:
i was woken up by my favorite bieber 
serenading me with his hit single.

day two:
hannah montanta thrust herself into my dreams
with her horrendous hoedown throwdown

wanna hear the real kicker?
this is the only alarm i can actually wake up to.
so it looks like i'm stuck.
i wonder what tomorrow will bring.
let's hope it's a throwback to classics
and i get some bye bye bye or c'est la vie.

1 comment:

kylee said...

bwitched! i absolutely LOVED that band!