Wednesday, October 27, 2010


last night i went to see jigu! 
it was pretty neat.
those chinese sure know how to beat a drum!
in an effort to feel grown up and classy
 along with my strange desire to wear heels, i did.
these ones, but black.
when i left to go pick up mi amigo it was chilly.
just chilly.
by the time the show got out
mother nature had given birth to a full blown blizzard.
now some of you may or may not know this,
but driving stick in heels is not the easiest task.
driving stick, in heels, in the middle of a blizzard is even worse.
{note frightened face}
{and i promise my skin isn't orange, i blame the stupid flash on my pizzle fone}
 i've never driven in snow before.
and i know some of you are thinking
"but brissa, you've been in utah your whole life!  how is this possible?!"
i'll tell you.
i didn't get my license until i was 18.
and i always picked housing that was within walking distance to campus.
that's how.
back to my story.
it was horrible. 
and scary. 
and exhilarating.
the only downside to snow driving:
everyone is suuper cautious and i can't drive fast.

also, i should probably stop taking pictures whilst driving.
it's probably not safe. 

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