Wednesday, May 13, 2015


ezra might have pneumonia so we stayed home from church on sunday.
it's kind of a joke how much we've been sick this winter.
he would have a complete come apart if he couldn't see me. 
i got up to change my clothes and told cory
to turn ezra around to face me.
he thought i was kidding.
as soon as he turned that red-faced, screaming baby around,
he immediately smiled and cooed.
talk about making a mama feel special on mother's day.


when i put jude to bed on sunday night,
i played with her hair and said,
"thank you for making me a mommy. i love you so much."
and she said, "yeah."
and it was perfect and sweet and so jude.


last night jude woke up coughing at three am.
cory tried and tried but couldn't get her to calm down or stop coughing.
nothing seemed to help soothe her.
i took her into the kitchen and we split a cherry twin-pop
while watching our current favorite episode of daniel tiger.
it's the potty episode.
jude is so excited about all things potty right now.
i think she might end up potty training herself.

it was so sweet to watch her hold her own popsicle half.
i loved wiping the little red drops that dribbled down her chin
because she was too busy saying, "wash! wash!" to notice them.
i loved the cuddles i got after we finished our throat soothing treats.
we snuggled in the living room and said a quick prayer 
that her coughs would calm down so she could sleep.
she squeezed my neck while i walked her into her room
and fell asleep almost instantly.


my life isn't fancy or perfect.
but it is filled with love
and sweet little voices that jabber all day long.
i wouldn't trade this life for anything in the world.
nothing is more important to me than taking care of my people.
than teaching them and loving them and keeping them safe.


meg bird said...

Your life is BEAUTIFUL. I love that you call them your people. And that Jude said, "Yeah." haha that is phenomenal.

beth said...

Brissa. I seriously teared up at this post. I love that you love your life and your cute little family. I love reading things like this :)

beth said...
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