Wednesday, March 11, 2015

down with the sickness.

rsv has quite literally taken over our home. jude and ezra are infected. i haven't gone to the doctor to confirm it, i'm pretty sure i have it too. yay. so we're just chillin in quarantine, coughing and snotting all over each other. except ez, his boogs are too far up his nose we had to rent a fancy super snot sucker to clear his airway. did you know that until they're about six months old, babies are exclusive nose breathers? the more you know, ya know.

our throats are raw from all the coughing we're doing. it's so sad to watch jude and ezra cough. their little faces get so red and their eyes water. during lunch on monday jude coughed so hard she laid her head down on the table and covered her eyes as if to say, "i quit, mama. this is too hard."

i've also decided i'm going to be that parent whose kids end up getting fatter when they're sick. if all jude wants to eat is fries and veggie straws and popsicles and cheese, that's a-okay by me. calories, baby. i'll stuff her full of spinach and carrots when she's more willing to eat.

anyway, here are some pictures of simpler, less infected times.

full disclosure:
all solo pictures of ez are two months old.
i refuse to believe he is three months and 12 lbs 12 oz.
so i'm just going to keep looking at pictures of his skinny little one-month old self.
back when his eyes and nose were too big for his face
and his forehead was all sorts of crusty.  


Kayla said...

no i'm so sad your babies are so sicky! maybe bring them over to my house?? ok great.

ps i'm obsessed with them.

Krista said...

Ugh noooo! We're all RSV-ed up over here too and it is the worst. Watch out for ear infections! I geek like I'll never sleep again, you know? You do know. Sad face.

Kari said...

This still just breaks my heart, but I hope the worst is finally over and you can relax at home.