Thursday, March 12, 2015


stewart ezra.

 when i got pregnant with jude i was certain we were having a boy.
cory and i decided baby names before we got pregnant
so i was positive little ezra was swimming around in my belly.

one spring sunday,
we went with cory's family to visit grandpa stewart's grave.
i don't know how it happened,
but i had a few minutes alone with grandpa stewart.
i stood at his headstone and cried.
i felt so much love and respect for a man i had never met.
i was overcome with peace and happiness and the spirit.
i felt like grandpa stewart was giving me his blessing.
like he felt honored we were choosing to name our boy after him.

oh ezra,
my sweet little boy,
you are named after your daddy's grandpa stewart.
he was a wonderful man full of faith and love.
i have no doubt you will live up to his name
and be a good man with a good heart.


Kara Simpson said...

I hardly ever make it through a whole post without crying just a little. You and your words.

meg bird said...

A good man with a good heart. Isn't that exactly what the whole entire world needs more of? This is so touching.