Sunday, August 10, 2014


saturday morning,
i fed jude in the big orange chair
while you mowed the lawn.
i looked around our gray living room
and stared at the pictures
still trying to find their homes on shelves. 
my senses were overwhelmed by my surroundings. 
i could almost smell the grass being cut
while jude gulped down six ounces
so fast she could give kobayashi a run for his money. 

i love this life you've given me.
thank you for this life you've given me.
for the love that bounces around the walls in our home
and the laughter that makes everything light.
i mean it when i say
i couldn't have dreamed of a better man 
to have by my side for eternity.
you are everything i have ever wanted.
you are everything i will ever want.

thank you for loving me,
for accepting me,
and for pushing me to be better.
only you would know to get me a book
on writing and a means to write.
thank you for believing in me
and encouraging me to stretch myself.

my dreams will never die
as long as i have you by my side.

i love you forever, cory.
i love you with everything that i am.
thank you for picking me.
i am so glad you did. 


Andrea said...

Oh I just love this:)

carla thorup said...

LOVE you guys. Happy 2!

Shambray Matthews said...

I love this! You guys are so cute! I love your little family!

kylie said...

maybe it's because the emotions are on overdrive around here these days, but this brought me some happy sentimental tears welling up.
you are a gifted writer
and i love the way you write about your family.

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

This is lovely