Friday, August 15, 2014

only good will ever come from introducing your mom to the kardashians.

cory has been out of town this past week
on a business trip
so jude and i have been staying with my parents. 
while here, i've been able to introduce my mom
to the magic and drama and OMG! that is
the kardashians. 
you guys, it's been so much better than i expected.
here are a few of the gems she's said
while we've been watching.

"why are they famous? 
they just have big butts."

"they aren't even that pretty!"

"brissa! she is so young, but look at her face.
she has had work done. 
oh yeah, she's had surgery."

"that one with the black hair [kim] is the prettiest.
"brissa, you're prettier than her."

she got jude some adorable dresses
from ecuador so we had a 
fashion show! fashion show! fashion show at lunch!
she slid this in the conversation like it was nothing,
"jude, you are like a kardashian
with all these dresses."

by the time we tried on the second dress,
jude started getting hangry and fussy and whiny
and just so over the fashion show
so my mom said,
"oh jude, you are not a kardashian
if you don't like to try on clothes."

like, who is this lady?!
i loved my mom before,
but with her nbd kardashian name dropping attitude
during conversation,
it is confirmed she is my soul sister. 


Megan Thorne said...

hahahaha oh my gosh i LOVE this!!

-Danica- said...

Hahahahahaha your mom is amazing. Seriously my mom would die if I ever showed her that show. She literally might shrivel up.

kylie said...

this is pure gold.