Monday, August 4, 2014

wiiknd: walking to in-n-out basically cancels out any "calories" from a double-double.

family walk.
pda in the best way.
hand holds.
arm over shoulders.
stand-up fail.

kneaders for breakfast.
french toast like woah.
jude + strawberries = bff.
three hour baby nap.
cross stitching and chatting with angel.
mail order clothes. 
lucky = 1.5 star movie. just awful.

perfect sunday outfit.
birthday/baptism celebration dinner.
pepper jelly + cream cheese.
chocolate on chocolate.
ikea wishlisting. 
simon pegg, ftw.
ice cream.
2 tired 2 snuggle.

i just want it to be noted that 2/3 days this weekend
the entertainment portion of the evening was awful.
friday we had a ridiculously vulgar stand-up routine
from an unexpected source.
i'm looking at you, aziz. 
and saturday colin hanks disappointed us
and proved he will never be as loved as his father.
next time, next time.


beth said...

Like woah!!

Haylee said...

I know I should be over this by now but I seriously can't believe you have a baby. An adorable, cutest little face baby that has grown up before my eyes! Seriously Brissa she's gotten so big already!! Craziness,
Also I am suddenly overcome with sadness for realizing I haven't had French toast at Kneaders yet this Summer. Brb changing that stat. haha