Wednesday, August 27, 2014

that one time food let me down.

dinner was supposed to be garlic pepper cod
with twice baked potatoes.
now, before you think i'm some fancy domestic goddess,
i should tell you the cod was prepackaged, marinated and from costco
while the potatoes were frozen omaha steak gifts my grandma gave us for christmas.

so here's how my fast and easy and fancy meal turned out.

the fish wouldn't cook (literally would not)
so we decided to have sandwiches.
we mayonnaise'd and miracle whipped our costco hoagie buns,
excited to have sandwiches on such a holy vessel
only to find the ham and turkey and cheese were molded.
aaaand with only one egg left,
egg sandwiches were a distant, delicious dream.
did i mention the potatoes were cooked and plated?

i didn't think it was possible for food
to kick a sister while she was down,
but it totally can.
and let me tell you, food kicks hard.
i mean, really?
was nothing going to work?
at least i didn't cry.
i guess that counts for something.

in the end,
cory and i had twice baked potatoes
and a bowl of honey bunches of oats for dinner.

sometimes, no matter how hard you try to make things work,
they don't.
life can be hard and frustrating and stupid
and sometimes that means
you have to eat potatoes with a side of cereal.

at least we still have ice cream cake.

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-Danica- said...

Food is sometimes the worst. And now after that last line all I can think of is this: