Wednesday, July 9, 2014

this is what we like to call the "business baby."

"hmmmyes yesss. stocks and bonds."

jude wanted me to let you know her blue eyes look black
because she hasn't been able to go hunting for a few weeks.
things have been rough with such a hungry little vampbaby on the loose.

plz forgive me for referencing twilight.
i have no idea what's gotten into me. 


Kayla said...

staaaahp. im dead. i love her so much.

Cassidy said...

CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!!! I need like a gazillion more of these posts. Can you fly your babe out to California? I want to love on her. Gosh she is too cute!

Ashley said...

vampbaby! Perfect for dominating at business!!

kylie said...

that expression is gold

Lauren Hall said...

so much yes

Natasha Louise said...

Brissa! You have babies now? what the? I have been gone for a long time! haha you may not even remember me..